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Publishing soon, a most politically incorrect novel

One   Who   Dared   To   Fly   Free

Vihang, a 10-year-old, decides to live on his own. He runs away from his parents—a mother who loved stray dogs more than her son and a father who worried more about his child’s carbon footprint than his baby steps.

This is the story of how this free bird, Vihang, learns while he works—as a tea boy, as a vendor, as a mechanic. He becomes a millionaire before he’s 25; and bankrupt by 26.

He rises from the ashes to question the system that hinders enterprise and innovation. A blindly accepted system that binds 18 years of every child’s life in fruitless government-prescribed schooling. Schooling which fails to educate about living in the real world.

He lives every moment of his life according to his belief in individual freedom and liberty, not bowing down to government interference or politically correct indoctrination. Though hounded by the establishment, he soars unbound, as an example to aspiring youth across the country.

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