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  • National Award for Best Child Actor

  • State Awards for Best Screenplay

  • Best Director on Debut

  • Best Director

  • Best Character Actor

  • 2nd best Film

Little Soldiers


General Harischandra Prasad is living alone on a farm after retirement. One day he learns that his son, Aravind and daughter-in-law, Anita had been killed in a road accident. He goes in search of his two, orphaned grandchildren; Bunny aged three and Sunny aged eight. Aravind is a jingle composer estranged from his father for choosing music over a career in the army.  Aravind marries Anita, and raises his family without the blessings of his father.


Rajeswari, a wealthy widow of a royal family, disowns her daughter, Anita, for marrying a no good guitar-strummer and wills her estate to her brother, Sesha. Some years on, Rajeswari suffers a stroke and a change of heart. She decides to bequeath her property to her daughter and sets Sesha the task of locating Anita and her progeny. Sesha and his wastrel son who were living off Rajeswari, are jolted. With the help of a professional killer, they hatch a plan to engineer the deaths of Anita and her family in the form of an accident, so as to avoid any suspicion.


Aravind, Anita and their two children go on a singing, road tour. They are followed by the killer in a truck.  The dreaded accident takes place and the parents are killed. But Sunny and Bunny escape. As the two kids are alone at home, the professional killer makes an attempt to snuff them out with a gas leak.


The resourceful Bunny and Sunny confront the killers and give them their just deserts, with the help of their grandfather and turn into the  proud, soldiers he had wished for.


  • National Award for Best Telugu Film

  • State Award for Best Sound Mixing

  • State Jury Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role

  • Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role



Five young friends whose careers don't take-off and a Mafia Don who needs help in hijacking a plane.


A story of five youngsters, in Hyderabad. Or perhaps it's the story of everyone searching for a livelihood anywhere. These friends, four boys and a girl, are middle-class people with middle-class aspirations. 


Mafia don, Irfan Khan decides to leave India because the Narcotics Bureau raises the prize-money on his head. As international airports are watched and borders sealed he hatches a devious plan. For it to succeed Irfan needs four fresh boys, ones without police records.


Things go from bad to worse for the five friends struggling with careers that don't take off. In desperation, they take a decision. 


And come face to face with the dreaded Irfan Khan. From here on their lives are a roller-coaster for five endless days.


  • State Award for Second Best Film

  • Filmfare Award for Best Singer, Female

Anukokunda Oka Roju


A girl wakes up to find a day missing in her life.


A 19 year-old girl attends a party where her drink is laced with a drug. She wakes up normally next day and goes to college.


Soon strange things start happening to her. When she goes to a film, a man standing next to her is stabbed. A taxi driver, whom she had never met, accosts her and says she owes him Rs. 360. An unknown assailant attacks her in a basement parking lot with a truncheon. In a crowded street, a bunch of goondas try to kidnap her at knifepoint.


Totally unnerved and clueless about the life-threatening danger pouncing on her from unexpected quarters, she goes to a Sub-Inspector of Police for help. And during his questioning a mind-numbing realisation dawns on her. She doesn’t remember how she got home from the party. And the day she woke up and went to college was not the next day. It was the day after!


One day was missing in her life. And what happened that day held the key to life and death.

Amma Cheppindi


His father is India’s foremost rocket scientist. And is the Director of Bharat Rocket Centre. His younger brother is a class 12 topper in the country. But he himself has managed to fail class 3 for the umpteenth time. He is Bose, and he is all of 21.


Bose is a happy child trapped in a man’s body. He is his mother’s pet and the townships bete noir. Everyone in Bharat Rocket Centre either despises him or takes advantage of him. 


Yet he plays insouciantly with his friends from third standard. When he is removed from school Bose’s mother wangles him a job in the Rocket Centre canteen to keep him occupied. 

Bharat Rocket Centre plans to celebrate the coming Independence Day in style as they are starting a Space Tech School with the brightest students in the country and with the top scientists as guest lecturers. ISI plans to wipe out the august gathering that day. Some ISI agents befriend Bose and he acts as an unwary courier carrying their RDX into the Centre. 


It is Independence Day. All the scientists and the students are in place. So is the massive bomb planted by ISI. The doors are locked by a colluding security man and the bomb activated. As time runs out, so do the options to save the trapped people. Finally, Bose’s mother is forced to take a decision no mother would. And Bose makes a sacrifice no son would, to become an unparalleled hero.


  • State Jury Award for Film



A young woman with a history of hallucinating, witnesses a murder. Or didn’t she?


Chitra is twenty two, beautiful and single.  She comes to a hill-station as a new teacher in a school and lives alone.


One day viewing the scenic splendour of the hill-station through her binoculars, Chitra witnesses a murder. Highly agitated, she reports it to the police. The police fail to find a body or even signs of a tussle at the spot she leads them to.


An Inspector investigating the crime finds no leads. But digs up something else; Chitra’s past. She had been treated for a year in an institute of mental health for hallucinations. Ever since her whole family was killed by lumpen students in front of her eyes, she was afflicted by psychosis. After treatment, she had come to the hill-station.


Chitra’s past symptoms increase after the alleged incident. She keeps complaining that someone is scaring her by displacing things at her house. The Inspector and Krishna, an aspiring director who befriends Chitra, believe that the murder she had reported is an illusion too. Distrusting her own mind, Chitra agrees to go back to hospital.


Just as she is committed, it is revealed that a murder did really take place. 


  • State Jury Award for Genelia

Amrutham Chandamama Lo


Anji is dumb, and a multi-millionaire, running a chain of hotels in South India. Amrutham, who is dumber still, owns a string of resorts in North India. Four years ago, they were paupers. They are childhood friends who had together run Amrutha Vilas, a small restaurant in Hyderabad, for six years and showed a grand profit of one Rupee. 


Disgusted with their common lack of business sense, Amrutha Rao’s father-in-law ordains that they should stay apart and incommunicado. This unkind separation is probably the cause of their uncharacteristic business success the past four years. 


By a quirky turn of events, they get together again. And tempt the fates. They merge their India operations into a Rs. 2,000 crore chain. And sell it off to buy tickets to the Moon from RTC, a rocket travel company.


Pachaas Laakh


This movie is 'Aithe' in Hindi. It was shot simultaneously, along with the Telugu version.


In a Day


An English movie shot in London as a co-production.


Some days are so bad, you wish they hadn't started. Then it turns into a day you hope will never end. On the same morning that a creep throws coffee on her at a bus stop. Ashley runs into Michael, a man she recognizes as a regular at the sandwich shop where she works. He offers to help - dry her off, cheer her up, and after hesitation, she agrees to join him for a cup of tea. He offers to take her to lunch, asks her advice about a gift for his sister, and so on through the day, finding ways to treat her royally. By mid-afternoon he confesses that someone wants her to have the best possible day. Who is it, and why? And, when he does tell her, how will she respond?