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I totally agree with the Censor-in-Chief; Why do you need 36 cuss words when 1 dirty word will do: ‘

I usually refrain from using foul language in my writing or movies, especially for the protagonist. But this is one instance when I would root for every person who tweets a profanity attached to Pahlaj Nihalani’s name. Like, “Pahlaj #@*^#* Nihalani”. I wish the whole nation tweets this twerp out of the country.

He claims to be safe-guarding the younger generation, the nation, and it’s culture. Sanctimonious #@*%#, firstly, culture is not something that is either sanctioned or foisted upon by the government. It is what people freely do in their daily life, at work or in play. Secondly, you #@%#, the nation or the geographical area covered by this civilisation has gone on for millennia without your help. As for our children, you self-appointed #@%*# warden, we the parents love them more and can take care of them better than any bureaucrat or government appointed rat can.

You #%&@# dumbo, you claim your song for a political party didn’t get permission for release before the elections yet you were able to spread it through the social media: now you want to censor even that media! Honestly decent words fail to convey the total, absolute, immense, infinite, unutterable contempt I hold your ilk in. Only pure profanity will fit the bill. Who the FUCK is Pahlaj Nihalani?

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