9 shows - 2 sitcoms and 7 soaps without too many suds


  • The most-loved Sitcom in Telugu.

  • Was telecast for 312 weeks.

  • Re-run 4 times as a daily.

  • Over 55 million views on Youtube.


A laughably sad tale of two friends who are neighbours:

Amrutha Rao, who is in his early thirties -- It would be unfair to say his IQ too is in the thirties, but not inaccurate to say he is no genius. Innocent and gullible, he bites off more than he can chew. Little wonder, he is forever getting into a soup. Which he often manages to get out of by getting into a stew --


Anjaneylu, Amruthamʼs Senior, Classmate, and Junior in college. He knows more about every subject under the Sun than any person on earth. Or so he believes. His confidence is unlimited and, unfortunately, unfounded. He’s a pretty good cook though, with all the years of staying at home to cook for a working wife. The two friends, after a series of failed schemes to earn money finally decide to start a restaurant on the lawns of their residence. In this business they at last settle down, if you can call their self-propelled, roller-coaster ride of financial problems ‘settling down’. When sometimes they are lax in shooting themselves in the foot, Appaji, the landlord of the house they live in, is ever ready to do the honours.




This is a story of two people whose lives are irreversibly intertwined much against their wishes. Radha and Madhu meet in extraordinary circumstances and their interactions with each other continue to be anything but ordinary.


Radhakrishna is the only heir to a rich family and refuses to fulfill his grandmother’s dream of seeing him married. She tries everything under the sun to convince him and finally arrives upon emotional blackmail – the most effective weapon of any aging grandmother.


Madhulika is a young resourceful girl who has to provide not only for herself but her younger brother as well. Discovering that he has a heart condition that requires surgery she moves to Hyderabad to save his life.


In an unexpected twist Madhu comes into contact with Radha’s grandmother and ends up saving her life. The grandmother decides that Madhu would make a perfect wife for Radha while Radha is still adamantly opposed to marriage. How these two are forced to marry and how they fall in love with each other after they separate forms the crux of this story. 


This is the extraordinary story of an ordinary, middle-class, middle-aged housewife. Janaki is a traditional, docile woman whose world centres around her government-employee husband and four children.


Spurred by the need to communicate with her pregnant daughter in the United States, she learns to operate the computer. She helps her daughter handle the early months of gestation through e-mail. Then she advises her daughter’s friends. Then, their friends. Her advice is also no longer restricted to morning sickness.


Her daughter-in-law, sensing her growing popularity, designs a web site for her called “ammamma.com”. And the skies open up. Indians all over world suddenly find a shoulder to lean on. An elderly guiding light that was missing on distant continents. They start pouring in their problems, anxieties and queries into the web site. Janaki’s warm response and earthy common-sense gives them solace. Her wisdom helps light up lives and bind families. She becomes a larger than life figure in their mind as her web site becomes a household name.


At this stage her husband comes to know about the web-site and his ego is badly hurt. He cannot digest her new-found celebrity status and this leads to a rift between the couple. The one who solves everyone’s problems sees her own life unravel. During this moment of crisis, she is invited to the U.S. for a felicitation by a popular Indian association. And she goes despite an ultimatum not to step outside the house from her husband. How she wins the world and her spouse back is the climax of this grandmother’s fairy tale



Adagaka Ichchina Manasu






Many Happy Returns